Vaša košarica je prazna.


Vaša košarica je prazna.

KOKAKO- Beanie


In every design there`s a story behind. The mystery reveals itself as you look close, it`s all in the details, just follow your nose.

Šifra: Beanie Kategorija: Oznaka:

KOKAKO is a modern, hyper and Earth friendly clothing brand. Each garment is chosen with the greatest attention and meets strict criteria, such as softness, 100% organic cotton and is certificated by the fair wear foundation. 

All of our eco-friendly materials are enhanced with thoughtful and carefully elaborated designs, which go hand in hand with emerging trends of our new today. Our focus is on simplicity, highlighting the essence of the garment. All are pleasing to wear, soft to the touch, precisely manufactured and comfortable.

Our water-based inks are absolutely free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates, making them non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable. As part of the waterless printing system,  biodegradable ink and energy saving process makes KOKAKO an eco-friendly printing brand.

Dodatne informacije

Teža 0.2 kg
Dimenzije 55 × 45 × 80 cm

Cotton 100%

Care Instruction

Machine wash at 30°


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